About Us

We are the St. Louis branch of the Industrial Workers of the World. We practice solidarity unionism, which means we organize across industries, working to unite all workers, and not simply workers in one particular craft or industry. Against the united forces of capitalism, we offer the united forces of workers united in One Big Union, by the workers, for the workers.

While our ultimate goal is, as the Preamble states, the abolition of the wage labor system, in the meantime we struggle to bring about better conditions for workers, even as we struggle, not to ‘reform’ the capitalist system, but to ‘build a new world in the shell of the old.’ We do not seek to bring about change through laboring for the agenda of a political party. Rather, our struggle takes place where it matters most, and where workers have the most power: in our workplaces. We use the tools of direct action, of solidarity unionism, without waiting for permission from the bosses or the State. We believe that change for the better will not ‘just happen’; we as the working class must organize ourselves and make it happen. This organizing and direct action comes in many different varieties, from organizing to address particular issues in particular workplaces to strikes to education campaigns.

At present, both the St. Louis IWW and the IWW as a whole are still ‘regrouping’ after years of relative inactivity. We are not simply historical artefacts, nor are we nostalgic for the ‘good old days’ of labor radicalism. Rather, while we remember the IWW’s past victories and successes, we live very much in the present world, and are adapting our strategies and goals accordingly. If you are tired of laboring under an exploitative system that takes from those who produce and gives to those who do not, if you want to work for a better world in the shell of the old, if you want to practice solidarity and direct, collective action: join us.


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