Literature & Documents

Weakening the Dam: A pamphlet put out by the Twin Cities IWW branch for the purpose of promoting the development of workplace organizers, based on their experiences of organizing at work. It offers the sort of practical advice we could all be implementing in our own workplaces.

ABCs Annotated Preamble to the IWW Constitution: This wonderful document helps explain the preamble to the IWW Constitution.

Current IWW Constitution: The constitution of the IWW explains all of the regulations of our union.

Help The Work Along: This document is an example of the types of work that Wobblies can get involved in, outside of workplace organizing.

Rusty’s Rules: These “rules” are the basis for the process of how Wobbly meetings run.

Safer Space Policy: This policy was developed to help create a more inclusive and safer environment for all members of the St. Louis IWW branch.

St. Louis Branch Bylaws Each branch of the IWW creates their own bylaws. Here are ours!

You Are The Union: This document is a wonderful introduction to the IWW if you are a new member or considering joining. It is also a great refresher to read if you want to know why the IWW is so great. It explains how the IWW is different from other unions, and from political organizations.

Don’t forget to check out the IWW website to find more important documents, news and information!


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